Kaa’to Leeachos

Bounty Hunter


Also known as the green Niktos, they are a reptilian species from the forests of the planet Kintan in the Si’klaata Cluster, but, like all Niktos, they have been enslaved by the H u t t clans for thousands of years, typically serving as enforcers. A rare few find freedom after the deaths of their masters or find other ways to escape their bonds of servitude. Niktos are notoriously violent, having formed cults centering around blood sacrifice at various points in galactic history.


Kaa’to once worked security for a minor Hutt named Morbiss, a slaver operating from Nar Shaddaa. This depraved Hutt had many enemies throughout the Outer Rim territories, and always kept a large detail of thugs and warriors around him. Yet, even that could not save him from his
determined rivals. The slave master fell victim to a bomb placed in his ship’s docking bay while on Malastare to bet on the Podraces. The explosion
wiped out Morbiss, his ship, his guards, and a large group of “cargo” the Hutt brought along to sell. It was only through sheer luck that the Nikto survived. The enforcer was dealing with a petulant slave who was giving his new master a hard time, which kept him at the edge of the docking bay when the bomb detonated.

The blast that set Kaa’to free also took his right leg and burned much of his right arm. Luckily, he had a hidden stash of credits on his person. When the medics arrived, the Nikto bargained with the Gran who found him to replace his leg. It exhausted all his credits, but Kaa’to Leeachos would
live to finally throw off the shackles of the Hutts.

With his credits wiped out, Kaa’to took to working as a hired guard on Malastare until he could buy passage on a transport offworld. As fate would have it, the only transport he could get took him to the world of Rodia, where his new career would begin. While on Rodia,Kaa’to found himself in the employ of the bounty hunter Knoke, a gruff Rodian who took a liking to the Nikto and taught him the ways of the hunt. Knoke was a successful
hunter, but he met his end while on a contract to capture a rogue Jedi during the Great Purge. Kaa’to assumed the contract and finished the job. His reputation quickly grew after such a high-profile job. Within a few years he was in steady employ, with many clients. Knoke left his ship and
equipment to Kaa’to, and with these at his disposal, the Nikto set out to earn a fortune for himself.

Ultimately, Kaa’to’s pride grew into hubris, and he began to look down on those who employed him, thinking himself nigh untouchable. Soon after staking out territory on Coruscant, the Nikto backstabbed the Pykes.

Kaa’to Leeachos

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