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Under a Black Sun: Part 1
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Welcome to Coruscant, the heart of the galaxy. This planet-spanning city is the seat of the Empire’s power and home to over a trillion individuals. Even under the iron grasp of the Imperial forces, the sheer size of Coruscant makes it attractive to those who hope to make their fortunes, whether through legitimate enterprise or less-than-legal means.

As the adventure begins, Kalla, Zrix, Savannah, Heb & Heas have suck inside a facility run by the Black Sun criminal organization. Savannah slicing into a computer to gain information for the Pyke criminal family, access the secured data systems of the Black Sun. This proves to be no easy task however, and the she inadvertently trips an alarm the moment she downloads the files they were sent to retrieve.

With klaxons blaring overhead as they flee from the facility with the stolen data. Hearingear Black Sun agents scrambling to investigate on the floors above they exit the skyscraper onto a bustling landing platform where a droid-driven airspeeder sits nearby, awaiting a fare. Blaster bolts whizzes past there heads, and the speeder seems like the best (and only) option for escape! As they jump inside, the droid quickly zooms away into the streams of traffic. Unfortunately, the Black Sun thugs are not that easy to lose, and within seconds they are in hot pursuit on swoop bikes of their own. More blaster
fire screams past the speeder, when suddenly a lucky shot takes out the piloting droid with a bang!

Without a moment of thought Kalla hurls the remains of the droid out of the speeder hitting one of the Black Sun thugs, but his is unable to regain control of the speeder as ti plummets through the levels of traffic. As the Speeder falls it clips an oncoming transport then a nearby building and spirals out of control. It crashes on a nearby platform, skidding to a halt.

Recovering from the crash, and now with the sounds of Coruscant police sirens approaching, Zrix is the first one to regain his sences and luckly orthe group he knows where they are and a short cut. The short cut turns out to be a trash shoot, much to the dismay of Kalla and his excellent sense of smell. The party jumps down the shoot, loosing there tail and finding a new cab to wisk them out of troiuble, but just before she jumps Savannah is shot with a tracer dart from an Imperial Driod.

After escaping the thugs and avoiding other obstacles they encountered during their escape, the group decides to head to there rendezvous point. with the information they have collected. Their rendezvous point for the debrief is a small, out-of-the-way garage known as Chopper’s. This speeder repair shop is the home of a confidant and employee of the Pykes named Cho’pa’ailor, a Besalisk. Everyone refers to the four armed repairman as “Chopper” due to his skills with a laser saw and as a play on his name.

After Chopper greets the characters, he quickly ushers them from the floor of the shop and into his private office in the back. He is anxious to hear how the job went and asks numerous questions about how they gained the file and the ensuing chase. After a brief discussion, Chopper asks to have the file downloaded to his terminal in the office.He begins breaking the encryption to furnish the information to the group. While he works on the file, he informs them that the informationw they were acquiring for their mutual employers was the name of a bounty hunter that betrayed them. Pyke family wants the group to bring the bounty hunter down for his betrayal. He cost the bosses a fortune by stealing a shipment of their spice and bringing it to Black Sun instead. Unsurprisingly, the Pykes aren’t happy about it, and they’ll pay well if you can take care of this problem for them.

Savannah finishes his decryption of the file. She informs the PCs that the bounty hunter is Kaa’to Leeachos, a Nikto formerly bound in servitude to the Hutts. Since gaining his freedom, Kaa’to has made his reputation with a number of high-risk, unauthorized bounties and is considered a formidable operative. Chopper also mentions that he is familiar with the Nikto hunter and knows of a few places he frequents or has been seen The Spyder being the last place he saw Kaa’to. WIth this informatino in hand the group recovered in a back room of the garage and headed out the next day

Savannah also dycrypted more information but only informed the party after they left Chopper’s. Scanning through Kaa’to’s file revealed that the bounty hunter delivered only part of the stolen spice shipment. One message’s sender suspects the Nikto of holding out on the rest. The file also lists a series of pickups from Zelcomm Tower referencing both the 4th floor terrace and the side street underground entrance. The characters also discover a seemingly misplaced list of names, ranks, and associated figures. Perhaps these are Imperial security forces Black Sun paid off? One name that catches Savannah eye is a customs agent, perhaps this will help her get off world?

Heading first to Zelcomm Tower they find it well guarded and is bustling with visiting clients and traders during business hours and decide to return that night. IN the mean time they head to The Spyder.

Reaching The Spyder Kalla makes quick friends with the Troig bartender, Pillaat and Nerro, asking about Kaa’to Leeachos th Troig points them to Korsin Fenn who runs the Spyder. Kalla questions him but Korsin Fenn is very reluctant to divulge any information on his clients. He knows that maintaining strict confidence is necessary to keep patrons coming back. Kalla though manages to convince Fenn that Kaa’to has already forfeited his privilege of privacy by betraying numerous employers . Fenn informs him that Kaa’to ows The Spyder 20,000 credits the Nikto did offer Fenn a shipment of spice to offset his debts, but Fenn wants nothing to do with that business. Fenn also tells the PCs that the spice shipment Kaa’to offered was bound for Black Sun, which is another reason Fenn thinks it’s too hot to take himself. Feen does make deal with the group, if they find a way to recover the 20,000 credits owed he will give the group a 10% finders fee. He offers the PCs 1,000 credits to split if they successfully lay a trap for the bounty hunter and make an example of Kaa’to to other debtors.
Having concluded there business Fenn points the Wookiee to a group of Black Sun members, including an influential Chiss underboss named Verannis, playing sabacc at a nearby table. Kalla speaks with Verannis, after she loses a large sabacc pot to Heb & Heas, which Kalla is sure the two Jawas cheated to win. Kalla successfully convince Verannis of Kaa’to’s duplicitous nature, she dispatches his guards to seek out the bounty hunter and bring Kaa’to before him at his headquarters. She curtly thanks Kalla and leaves.

Now that night has fallen on the Imperial Capitol the party readies its self for what awaits within Zelcomm Tower.


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